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TITLE : Massage During Pregnancy

Continued when to avoid pregnancy massage because the research on pregnancy massage is scant many western trained doctors advise a conservative approachmassage and pregnancy benefits of prenatal massage studies indicate that massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety decrease symptoms of depression relieve muscle aches and joint pains and improve labor outcomes and newborn healthmassage therapy during pregnancy can often relieve many of the common side effects of pregnancy whether you suffer from backaches headaches or other pregnancy related problemsshould i book a massage during pregnancy a massage when youre pregnant can be a wonderful way to ease an aching back stiff shoulders and sore hips it can also pep up your mood and get those feel good pain relieving endorphins flowing around your body leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshedfoot massage during pregnancy your feet can become swollen and sore relieve the pain by creating a homemade massage cream of coconut and peppermint oil and working it into your feet in upward motions

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