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TITLE : How To Study Music

How to select music for studying 10 tips it is said that to study its necessary to have a quiet environment without distractions however for some studying in a quiet environment can backfirefirst and foremost id like to stress how doing some stretching before studying can be vital for a musician also if you are tired while you are studying its good to stop playing and just relax for a quartermusicology from greek modern mousik meaning music and logia meaning study of is the scholarly analysis and research based study of musicmusic graduates who specialise in performance may pursue careers as recording artists or session musicians there are also employment opportunities in specialist fields such as technicians sound engineers and producers many of whom work freelancestudy skills articles includes more than 100 practical articles written by dr strichart topics include good study habits managing time reading and taking notes from textbooks learning styles preparing for college study motivation setting goals and much more

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