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TITLE : International Copyright Law

Learn about global copyright and the copyright regulations which aim to set minimum standards of copyright protection we cover the fundamental principles of copyright and detail the international copyright treaties which influence how copyright works on a global scalethe berne convention for the protection of literary and artistic works also referred to as just the berne convention requires protection for all creative works in a fixed medium be automatic and last for at least 50 years after the authors death for any work except for photographic and cinematographic worksw copyrightgov circular 38a there is no such thing as an international copyright that will automatically protect an authors writings throughouta copyright or aspects of it eg reproduction alone all but moral rights may be assigned or transferred from one party to another for example a musician who records an album will often sign an agreement with a record company in which the musician agrees to transfer all copyright in the recordings in exchange for royalties and other this website uses cookies including third party ones to allow for analysis of how people use our website in order to improve your experience and our services

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