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TITLE : Napalm An American Biography

What it is napalm means any petrochemical for example gasoline kerosene or benzene that has had chemicals added to it to thicken or gel it and make it function more effectively as an incendiarynapalm an american biography robert m neer on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers napalm was invented on valentines day 1942 at a secret harvard war research laboratory it created an inferno that killed over 87this is a fine work of technological history tracing napalm from dreams of recreating greek fire through the creation of the military academic partnership that developed it at harvard in 1942 with a chapter on the spectacularly ill fated plan to use bats as a delivery systemnapalm was invented on valentines day 1942 in a top secret harvard university weapons research laboratory in cambridge massachusetts professor louis fieser tested the first napalm bomb on the harvard college soccer field that independence daybereits kleine spritzer brennenden napalms verursachen schwere und schlecht heilende verbrennungen auf der haut wegen seiner hydrophoben eigenschaften kann napalm zudem nur schlecht mit wasser gelscht oder von der haut abgewaschen werden

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